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Imagine going to the supermarket and buying three bags full of food but then dropping one in the parking lot before driving away. With the amount of food we waste, it''s like we all do the equivalent of that every single week.
With more than 140 recipes organized by ingredient and countless brilliant ideas for using everything up, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook will show you how to shop, cook, and eat with zero waste. Learn to reuse and recycle leftovers — save time and money, too!

Finalist for 2016 IACP Food Matters Award


When Alberta cuisine is mentioned, beef is often the first and only thing to come to mind. In fact, however, Alberta has a wealth of local food products — from mountain to prairie, forest to river, this fertile province overflows with options for the creative cook.
Journalist and food editor Cinda Chavich has visited Alberta farms, dairies, bakeries, and restaurants looking for the very best Alberta has to offer. The result is a breathtaking book that combines delicious recipes, beautiful colour photographs, food sources, cooking and shopping tips, and local history.

Taste Canada's Canadian Food and Culture Award gold medal, 2001
Taste Canada's English Language Cookbook gold medal, 2001


Chefs are becoming celebrities, and there are more cooking shows and cookbooks available than ever before. So why do so many people still declare, "I can`t cook!"? Complex recipes, hard-to-find ingredients, and glossy food photography can intimidate and frustrate beginner cooks. Cinda Chavich feels your pain and gives you over 250 fabulous no-fail recipes you will love to make. Divided into three sections — Sustenance, Decadence, and Observance — recipes range from after-work supper ideas such as Easy Thai Chicken Salad, and Barbecue Pork Tenderloin to party menus such as Fondue Party, the PC Vegetarian Feast, and Baby Shower Buffet. The Valentine`s Day Dinner with Seared Scallops in Champagne Sauce and Lamb Chops with Mustard Rub lets you pull out all the stops for that special someone. A perfect gift for the young-and-not-so-culinary-inclined — or anyone who wants a go-to collection of never fail, tasty and interesting recipes — The Girl Can`t Cook is the cookbook for fabulous kitchen goddesses in training everywhere.

Oh, and the reviews are FABULOUS, too.........take a look!


With fun and funky food, The Guy Can`t Cook is a book designed for guys of all ages. This user-friendly kitchen guide will help any guy think outside the takeout box. Whether it`s easy, low-cost meals for everyday dinners, a dish to impress a date, or tips on cooking up the catch from the last fishing trip, The Guy Can`t Cook addresses life`s everyday cooking needs. Loaded with tricks and tips — many from guys in the professional kitchen trenches — this book includes well-tested and doable recipes for the best mac and cheese,  poached salmon in red wine sauce, tender beef and beer stew,  mahogany-glazed short ribs and the guy`s top 10 cocktails. Part survival guide, part cooking class and all practical, this is a collection of recipes any home cook can count on to cook something impressive and easy.


The pressure cooker (aka Instantpot) is indispensable for the busy home cook —  most foods cook in one-third the time of conventional cooking methods, saving time and energy without compromising the quality of the food. Embraced by both chefs and home cooks, the modern pressure cooker is a tool with a new generation of food fans.
Cinda Chavich provides an incredible variety of well-tested recipes that range from everyday meals to dishes for entertaining, including many vegetarian options. From hands-free risotto, cooked to creamy perfection in 6 minutes, almost instant homemade stocks and broths, or red wine-braised beef stew in half an hour, the pressure cooker makes fast work of dishes that usually require hours of long, slow cooking. The pressure cooker truly shines when it comes to preparing beans and whole grains, too, with recipes for authentic Indian curries and Mexican black bean soup. Try Wild Mushroom and Potato Bisque, Cajun Black Bean and Sausage Gumbo
Beef Short Ribs in Barbecue Sauce,  Coq au Vin, Orange Espresso Cheesecake, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Strawberry Jam.
This is the third edition of this popular cookbook, redesigned with a new cover and 25 new recipes.

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